Sauna evening at Hvittorp on 11.04.2024

It’s time to relax! Welcome to the sauna evening in Hvittorp on Thursday, April 11th. Carpool rides leave from the intersection of the road to Otaniemi Chapel and Jämeräntaival at 4:15 pm. At Hvittorp, we begin with dinner, then go to sauna / play board games (there’s 3 hours for this), have a devotional, and are back in Otaniemi at 10:30 pm.

First-timers and drivers get all this for free. The admission is 5 €, and the very advisable carpooling only adds 2 € to this. Bring a towel, board games, and cash to pay the 7 €. Registration closed on Wednesday, April 3rd 11:00 pm.

Kysymysten kanssa voi kääntyä Ellan puoleen.

You’re warmly welcome!

The sauna evening was cancelled due to the small number of registrations.

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