The Guild of the Cross
Otaniemen kappeli
Jämeräntaival 8
02150 ESPOO

Bank account number (IBAN):
FI46 3131 3001 1765 02

The mission division's bank number (IBAN):
FI13 3131 1000 2659 46

Email addresses:

The domain part is

  • Puheenjohtaja: <puheenjohtaja>
  • Tiedottaja: <tiedottaja>
  • Rahastonhoitaja: <rahastonhoitaja>
  • Johtokunta: <johtokunta>
  • Lähetysjaosto: <lahetys>
  • Ohjelmajaosto: <ohjelma>
  • Piirijaosto: <piiri>
  • Cross Section: <cs>

Changing your contact information

If your contact information has changed, we would like you to inform the new information to the treasurer (address above).

Email lists

Email lists are an important way to contact many people at once. The guild has multiple lists for different purposes. For more information, see here.

Discussion groups

The guild has discussion groups and channels both in Telegram and IRC. Many of the groups contain a bridge between Telegram and IRC, so it is possible to chat via either of the platforms. There are three general groups: RK-fuksisauna, RK-suksisauna, and RK. In addition to these, there are some specialised groups, such as RK-urheilu (sports) and RK-fillarit (cyclists). If you would like to join any of our groups or channels, feel free to contact the spokesperson: tiedottaja (at)

– A light discussion group meant for current students and active guild members. The channel is a perfect place for finding lunch company, for sharing interesting news and links and for general chatting.

– A group specifically meant for longer discussions.

– Anyone, new and old, are welcome to join the traditional and original channel of the guild.


##rkilta @ Freenode
– The traditional guild channel, whom anyone – new and old – is welcome to joint.

##rkilta.fuksisauna @ Freenode
– A guild channel especially tailored for active and fuksiminded guild members.

##rkilta.pelit @ Freenode
– Conversations about games and gaming in any form.

##rkilta.geek @ Freenode
– Geek talk.

– For bike lovers.
– arvaa…

Other medias

The guild of the cross has also its own Facebook-page and a Facebook-group.


You can find the guild's logo in PNG-, CorelDraw-, EPS-, and PDF-formants; more info from the spokesperson.

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