Sauna night in Velskola on Tue Feb. 6th

It’s time to relax! Luckily, help is close and in the form of a Sauna evening in Velskola on Tuesday, February 6th. Carpool rides leave from the intersection of the road to Otaniemi Chapel and Jämeräntaival at 4:15 pm. At Hvittorp, we begin with dinner, then go to sauna / play board games (there’s 3 hours for this), have a devotional, and are back in Otaniemi at 10:30 pm.

(Originally the sauna night was meant to be held at Hvittorp, but the location was switched to Velskola due to renovations at Hvittorp.)

First-timers and drivers get all this for free. The admission is 5 €, and the very advisable carpooling only adds 2 € to this. Bring a towel, board games, and cash to pay the 7 €. Registration closed on January 29th, 10:30 pm.

Questions? Contact Ella (TG: @etanttila, email: etanttila (at)

You’re warmly welcome!

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